AntiSLIP System®

Statistical research proves that many accidents happen on an annual basis because of  slipping on wet, slippery surfaces with all possible consequences.

Our unique antiSLIP system® is proven to be the most innovative and safe solution for wet, slippery tile floors. Tested worldwide, developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.

It’s a quick and simple 3-step treatment, as follows:

  • Step 1: clean/degrease the tile floor.
  • Step 2: apply the anti-slip product by impregnation
  • Step 3: neutralise the anti-slip product

The antiSLIP system® has been tested at various independent institutes and laboratories.

TNO, TCKI, Universiteit of Huddersfield, Charles River, Säurefliesner Vereinigung.

The antiSLIP system® is utmost suitable for ceramic tile floors, but also for various other types of tiles.

The product distinguishes itself in the market as follows:

  • It works instantly (fastest working anti-slip product in the world)
  • Best tested in effectiveness, application and user-friendliness worldwide.
  • Not a standard etching product or coating (e.g. no release of chemical fumes upon application)
  • Surface is directly usable after application
  • Sustainable effect
  • Stops the growth of bacteria and it is biodegradable

How does the antiSLIP system® work?

antiSLIP systeem - onbehandeld vlak
Untreated surface:
All stone surfaces have fine up to extremely fine pores, which causes long-lasting wet surfaces.

antiSLIP systeem - onbehandeld vlak
Treated surface (dry):
The antiSLIP product attaches itself into the pores of the stone surface.

antiSLIP systeem - onbehandeld vlak
Treated surface (wet):
The antiSLIP product react directly to any form of moisture and creates an inhibitory effect and a high friction coefficient. Because of this the so-called aquaplaning effect can be prevented.